Monday, May 23, 2022
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The coin market’s talks are never too far from the top-tier meme coins. Which are now back to the limelight, and folks are looking forward to a Uptomber like meme season. Whilst Shiba Inu makes strides in a recurring manner, this time around it is Dogecoin vowing in the business.


In succession, Dogecoin has made strides to the limelight, as the community speculates a number of major acceptance of DOGE. In contrast, Shiba Inu continues to welcome a steady incline in burn activities. While holding onto its prominence with Shiberse, DOGGY DAO, Shiboshis, amongst others.

Will Dogecoin And Shiba Inu Persuade The Bulls For A Run? 

  As previously mentioned, Dogecoin has taken the public platforms by storm, with over 75,800 mentions on Twitter. A number of crypto ads have been surfacing amidst the enthusiasm around Super Bowl 56. Successively, a super bowl commercial from eToro, featuring a glimpse of the dog breed, Dogecoin is inspired from. Has fueled optimism amongst the Dogecoin community. 

The community is also expecting SpaceX and Starlink to accept DOGE, following a positive reply coming as an emoji from Elon Musk. When asked, can Space X and Starlink accept DOGE. What further fueled the community is a speculative hint from McDonald’s. Which, the savvies were contemplating being around DOGE, however, a recent post debunks the speculations. Folks have been keen on McDonald’s and DOGE owing to past events.

Shiba Inu (SHIB)Price Bucking Up For Upswing

On the other hand, a recent achievement helps the Shiba Inu community grows stronger. As the Twitter account of SHIB surpasses the 1 M followers count. To further strengthen the community, the makers have been attending AMA sessions. The upcoming session would revolve around the Shiba ecosystem, metaverse, gaming, DOGGY DAO, NFTs, amongst others.

According to sources, 510,812 SHIB tokens have been transferred to a dead wallet, at block 14202793. For the past hour, as of press time, a total of 932,481 SHIB tokens have been burned and 1 transaction. In addition, Steven Cooper from Bigger Entertainment cites that 131 M SHIB were burnt this week. Moreover,240 M will be burnt during the burn party, and 500 M will be burnt by Bricks Buster.

Summing up, the top-tier meme coins Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu have been raging ahead of one another on numerous fronts. The Canine-based coins are being accumulated by whales at a constant rate, which has been instilling faith amongst retailers. 

The previous day, DOGE pounced back on the top 10 purchased tokens by 1000 biggest BSC wallets in the respective 24-hours. On the other hand, SHIB flipped MATIC to be the most traded token by 1000 ETH whales. Shiba Inu with its listings and metaverse holds favoritism amongst the community. Plausibly the valor of meme coins could recommence a healthy run towards a new ATH.

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